N95 Disposable Respirator, Box of 20

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Dentec Safety Specialists
N95 & P95 Disposable Respirators

Dentec Safety SpecialistsDentec Safety SpecialistsNIOSH approved protection against dusts, fumes, micro-organisms & non-oil containing mists. Strong, double-shell construction retains its shape through multiple uses. Won't absorb moisture, minimizing breathing resistance.


  • Foam nose cushion and adjustable nose clip ensure a secure & comfortable fit.
  • Non-Latex elastic straps do not require pre-stretching allowing for quick fitting, and reduces consumption costs.
  • Straps are electro-sonically sealed to the facepiece. No staples provide additional comfort and straps are difficult to pull from the mask also reducing consumption costs.
  • Crushed resistant shell will not collapse in hot, humid conditions. Will maintain its shape without the need for a plastic mesh housing.
  • An optional valve version provides enhanced breathing comfort.
  • N95 version approved for minimum 95% efficient protection against certain non-oil particulate.
  • AD2N95OVA offers a layer of activated carbon that filters out nuisance levels of organic vapors below PEL.
  • P95 version 95% efficient protection against most particulate aerosols.
  • AD2P95OV offers a layer of activated carbon that filters out nuisance level organic vapors below PEL / TLV.