Mobile UVC With Handcart, 1920 Watts with 15 UVC Emitters (Hospital Grade Model) 6-10 Week Lead Time

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The M20-HC / M15-HC are the ultimate in transportable UVC disinfection devices. 


UVC Cleaning Systems has developed a truly superior line of UV disinfection devices for the environmental services professional.

This model is designed for the professional environmental service providers that require transportable equipment from facility to facility. The hand cart design makes it a one person job to move the unit from floor to floor (yes, even stairs), across parking lots, and through loading docks. Although built tough, the low weight and good balance make loading and unloading into a van or truck a one person task without ramps. All of the HC units can be transported in either a lying down or stand up positions.

Devices are made of sturdy, stainless steel frames with an impact thermal plastic and protective cage. UV emitters are Teflon encapsulated for when accidents occur, keeping glass and emitter contents contained.

Like all the UVC Cleaning Systems units, the M20-HC/M15-HC features an integrated wireless link for up to 8 units. The M20-HC and M15-HC automatically determines the correct UVC dosage for a given area by measuring the accumulated UVC, thus eliminating human error inherent to timer based systems. When using multiple linked devices all the units work together to determine appropriate end point. The UVC dose is not complete until all linked devices have met their end point. This eliminates the possibility of inadequate dosage.

Multiple dual motion sensing technology creates a safe operating environment by preventing accidental exposure to UVC radiation. UVC Cleaning Systems has engineered equipment that meets safety certifications for North America, Europe, Central America and parts of Asia.

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  • 18 or 15 UVC emitters
  • Dual technology motion sensors
  • External UVC sensors
  • LED operations indicators
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Stainless steel protective cage
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Cord wrap
  • Door hanger warning signs
  • Treatment tracking tablet
  • Multi language quick start guide
  • Multi language user manual
  • Remote control



  • Height: 60 1/2” (153.7cm)
  • Depth: 27 1/2” (69.8 cm)
  • Width: 28 1/2 (73.4 cm)
  • Weight: 126 lbs (57.1kg)

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