Having access to an anesthesia machine may prove critical for your practice. With this technology, you can raise your standards for patient safety and comfort, and potentially offer an even broader range of surgical services.

Choosing the right anesthesia machine may prove challenging. Not only are there a number of options to choose from, but anesthesia technology has evolved greatly in recent years.

Here are some considerations for you to keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice.

Type of Ventilator

As you compare different anesthesia machines, you may notice that there are different types of ventilators to choose from. Specifically, anesthesia machines will be identified as standing bellows machines or as hanging bellows machines

We highly recommend choosing a standing bellows anesthesia machine because this means that the ventilator is actually part of the machine. The standing bellows will collapse the moment a leak is detected or in the event of a patient being disconnected from the machine.

By contrast, with a hanging bellows machine, the machine will continue to refill even if there is a significant leak. This can endanger the technician as well as the patient.


We would also recommend thinking about size and mobility. Which size is best? It all depends on your facility. Start by assessing the size of the room in which you will be using the anesthesia machine, but also consider whether you will need to transport the machine from room to room.

Keep in mind that you will need to ensure some clearance around the machine for technicians and providers. And, if you think you will need to move the machine on a regular basis, be sure to select something that your team members will find to be very lightweight and portable.

Safety Features

Today’s anesthesia machines come with built-in safety features. For instance, there are anesthesia machines that have backup oxygen and/or nitrous cylinders, which can be attached at the back of the machine should the primary supply run out.

We would also recommend looking for an anesthesia machine with built-in oxygen sensors, letting your operators know how much oxygen the patient is receiving. Sensors will alert you any time the oxygen level is becoming depleted.

Finally, if your surgical facility treats pediatric patients, we advise you to seek an anesthesia machine that comes with a minimum of two vaporizer ports.

Convenience Features

Features that enhance patient safety are important but do not overlook the value of features that provide you with heightened convenience.

A simple example of this is shelving. The best anesthesia machines will offer sufficient storage space for monitors, tubing, stylets, and other important tools.

Having a suction system built in can also be helpful. At the very least, try to find an anesthesia machine with an area where a suction regulator may be attached.

Buying New vs. Refurbished

Another decision you will need to make when shopping for anesthesia machines is whether you wish to buy yours brand new, or get something that has been previously owned and refurbished.

There are pros and cons to both options. Buying something that is new is the best way to supply your patients and staff members with truly state-of-the-art features. With that said, refurbished machines can still be very reliable, and often they are much more affordable. If you have to purchase multiple anesthesia machines at one time, buying refurbished medical equipment may be a good way to remain on budget.

Financing Options

Do you have sufficient resources to purchase an anesthesia machine in cash? Or, would it be more convenient for you to finance one, managing affordable payments over a longer period of time?

If you do need financing options, hampMED offers assistance on qualifying purchases.

Brand Name

Simply put, some brand names carry a lot of clout. Consider Mindray as just one example. This has been a pinnacle-level provider of anesthesia machines for many years, and it is a name that is trusted by doctors throughout the country. When you buy a Mindray machine, you have confidence that you are getting something reliable and robust.

Brand name is not everything, but it is certainly something to consider as you seek the best value for your anesthesia machine. 

Compatibility with Other Systems

AA final consideration: You may or may not need an anesthesia machine that can be easily integrated with your other in-house tools and technologies. For example, some facilities need an anesthesia machine that they can sync with their MRI. You should certainly keep integration in mind as you look to bring a new machine into your shop.

Find the Anesthesia Machine That is Right for Your Practice

The right anesthesia machine can make a world of difference for you and your patients. For some excellent options from world-renowned brands, consider browsing our collection of anesthesia machines at hampMED. Shop at our website today, and contact us with any questions.