Allied Healthcare Vacuum 2 HP Duplex Oil-less Rotary Vane Vertical Tank Mount

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Allied Healthcare Vacuum System

2 HP Duplex Oil-less Rotary Vane Vertical Tank Mount Robust, oil-less rotary vane vacuum pump, air cooled Long service life, quiet Sealed-for-life ball bearings and dry-running, self-lubricating, carbon vanes Virtually no routine maintenance No lubrication fluids are required for compression Environmentally safe, reduced maintenance costs, no waste oil disposal issues Fully compliant with the latest NFPA 99 standards Easy installation and certification HMI display Accurate performance information, touch screen control, complete service data UL listed NEMA 12 control panel Safe, reliable, easy to service or troubleshoot Low Maintenance Simple filter changes, reduced costs Compact design with single point connection (SPC) or modular configurations Easy installation, equipment arrangement flexibility, ideal for small facilities.  Designed for Level 2 facilities.