Cardiac Science Adult AED Electrodes, 1 Set

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Vermed Cardiac Science Adult AED Electrodes, 1 Set

Vermed’s Defib Pads were designed with your needs in mind. After years of studying the competitive brands available, the Vermed Defib Pad development team identified several ways to improve the defib pads you are using today. The Vermed Defib Pad line is not just different - it is a step above the other brands

  • 36 Month Shelf Life—Longest on the Market - Cost savings / Eliminates waste
  • 60 Inch Lead Wires—Longest on the Market - More Flexibility with equipment placement and clinician mobility
  • Proprietary Adhesive Gel - Provides maximum adhesion
  • Smaller pad size - Allows for easier placement without crowding
  • Larger Conductor Plate - Larger conductive area disperses energy more effectively
  • Connector Standardization - Provides increased safety and compliance