New Mindray A5 Advantage Anesthesia System

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Scalable functionality and decision support

The A5 Advantage System offers modular scalability with advanced ventilation modes and digital technology with optional integrated gas analysis, capnography, and spirometry loops for effective care across a wide range of patient types from neonate to bariatrics. Low flow decision support is available with the Optimizer™.  Lung protective strategies are supported with APRV and recruitment maneuver capabilities. An intuitive user interface with touchscreen display facilitates changes in ventilation modes and settings by eliminating deep menus, control knobs, and dedicated buttons. Built-in safety features, ample storage, and large workspace enhance workflow with accessory mounting options in an award-winning ergonomic design. Direct HL7 data output provides the industry standard connectivity for anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) and electronic medical records (EMR) reducing the expense associated with data integration. The scalable A5 Advantage System is an ideal choice for hospital standardization and cost-effective anesthesia management.

Standard Features

  • Universal ventilation capabilities include neonatal indication for use
  • Manual/Spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring capability
  • Ventilation modes include:  VCV, PCV with Volume Guarantee, CPAP/Pressure Support, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC
  • Large 15″ color touchscreen with backup touchpad
  • LED lighting with adjustable brightness
  • Automatic compliance and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes
  • Auxiliary O2/Air flow meters deliver blended gas to reduce the risk of airway fire
  • High pressure O2 port for jet ventilation
  • Warmed breathing system minimizes internal condensation
  • HL7 connectivity for AIMS and EMR integration
  • O2/Air/N2O backup gas
  • Compatible with Mindray patient monitors (Passport 17m shown)

Safety Features

  • Delivers O2 /N2O/Air and vaporized agent regardless of power state
  • Auxiliary O2 /Air flow meters deliver blended gas via nasal cannula, potentially reducing the risk of airway fire
  • High pressure O2 port supports jet ventilation
  • CO2 absorber can easily be changed during case without interruption
  • Easy to move and transport with
    robust wheels, central brake, and integrated cable sweeps
  • 2 hour battery back up

Optional Features

  • SIMV-Volume Guarantee, Spirometry loops, and Cardiac bypass
  • APRV and Lung Recruitment to support lung protective strategies
  • Optimizer™ functionality provides useful tools to support low flow anesthesia
  • Integrated gas analysis with auto agent ID, capnography, and age calculated MAC value
  • Agent calculation displays real-time agent usage rates and total amount of agent used in each case.
  • Quick release APL valve reduces airway pressure while maintaining set limit
  • Flexible bag arm
  • Three in-line vaporizer mount


When used together with the Integrated Gas Module, clinicians benefit from the low flow decision support
tools of the optimizer suite:

  • Manage intraoperative fresh gas dynamics
  • Visualize real-time intra-case agent usage
  • Quantify actual end of case agent consumption values