Drager Vapor 2000 Isoflurane Vaporizer with Quick Fill Adapter

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Anesthetic Vaporizers

Mindray offers a full range of anesthetic vaporizers for use on the A-Series Anesthesia Systems in support of clinical and pharmaceutical requirements.  The Mindray V60 Vaporizers  are available for Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.   The V60’s Automatic Flow / Temperature / Pressure Compensation ensures a constant output and accurate concentration of anesthetic agents even under varying environmental conditions.  Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, and Desflurane are available in the popular Vapor 2000 style to satisfy individual customer’s needs.

Key Features

  • V60-Series supports fresh gas flow as low as 0.2L/min, a design specifically incorporated to support low flow anesthesia
  • Innovative large capacity design of V60-Series accommodates up to 360ml of anesthetic agent with dry wick (300ml with moist wick)
  • All Mindray vaporizers are equipped for use on any SELECTATEC®* style mounting system
  • V60 Vaporizers are maintenance free; require no calibration over their useful life during normal operating conditions
  • Real time agent consumption and end of case agent usage can be captured, displayed and exported when used in conjunction with Mindray A7 Anesthesia Workstation