S-15 Surgical Straight 1:1 long

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  •  Surgical Handpieces are Durable, Ergonomic and Robust.
  •  The surgical straight handpieces have been specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology.
  •  The high-quality stainless steel with special coating makes them particularly robust.
  •  Surgical Handpieces without light is providing the best treatment.
  •  Surgical interventions represent a great challenge. To meet this challenge a number of surgical handpieces are required.
  •  Therefore W&H has developed a series of straight and angled handpieces for oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology.
  •  Fatigue-free working thanks to optimal ergonomics.
  •  Durable and robust due to high-quality stainless steel and scratch-resistant coating.
  •  Wide range for all surgical applications.
  •  Can be dismantled for thorough cleaning.
  •  Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable.
  •  Fatigue-free Operation:
    •  The new ergonomic design is perfectly coordinated to all the application possibilities and prevents fatigue.
  •  Scratch-Resistant Surface:
    •  The unique coating protects the handpiece from scratches.
    •  This facilitates cleaning and preserves the value.
  •  Easy Cleaning - Can be dismantled without tools:
    •  To enable thorough cleaning to be carried out, the handpieces can be easily and quickly dismantled and re-assembled – without the use of tools.
    •  Cleaning parts individually provides the most effective result.
  •  S-15 Straight Surgical handpieces without light Technical Specification:
    •  Transmission ratio: 1:1
    •  Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13940)
    •  Spray: External
    •  Chucking system: Lever Cuck
    •  Rotary instruments: For surgical burs and cutters ∅ 2.35 mm (also Stryker system).
    •  Permitted bur length: 45 mm
    •  Maximum drive speed: 30,000 min-1
    •  Can be dismantled: Yes


  •  For osteotomy in difficult to access areas.