Valleylab Electrosurgical UnitValleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator - Refurbished

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Valleylab Force 2 Electrosurgical Generator - Refurbished
Processing Time 8-12 Weeks The Valleylab Force 2 ESU is a multipurpose generator with high permormance capabilities. Blended cut modes allow the surgeon to have flexibility in differing levels of hemostasis. Two surgeons can fulgurate at the same time through Simultaneous Independent Coagulation. Injury risk is drastically reduced because the accessories are activated only when keyed. Low voltage coagulation allows for limited damage to surrounding tissue. Laparoscopic procedures benefit greatly from this low voltagefeature. Valleylab features their patented REM system. Faults in the patient grounding electrode are detected and the generator is automatically deactivated. This eliminates the risk of burns from the electrode pad. This system is sold refurbished, in excellent condition, with a 90-day warranty.