Wolf X-Ray Protective Aprons Light Weight Lead Easy Wrap Apron 24in x 42in 0.5mm Large

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Light Weight Wrap Apron 24in x 42in 0.5mm Large Our Easy Wrap Apron is the professional standard. The two side closures allow you to easily custom-fit the weight distribution comfortably on your shoulders. A handy pocket is sewn on the breast. Easy Wrap offers you 0.5 mm LE protection. Lead equivalent protective values are approximate at 80 kvp. Wolf protective aprons are now available in 18 new fashionable colors and 2 choices of protection! Our Featherlite Aprons are approximately 25% lighter than traditional Lead Aprons. Featherlite Aprons provide comparable lead equivalency protection as our standard Lead Aprons. Lead free is made from a unique composite material that absorbs X-Ray photons better than regular lead vinyl.*Note: please place the color number (from the color choices listed below) after the apron stock number when ordering.Rose Pink: 11, Purple: 12, Teal: 14, Powder Blue: 15, Medium Blue: 16, Burgundy: 18, Grey: 19, Royal Blue: 20, Navy Blue: 22, Beige: 23, Black: 25, Tye Dye: 30, Tropical: 31, Hawaiian: 32, Camouflage: 33, Dog Paw: 34, Red: 35, Hunter Green: 36