Wolf X-Ray Protective Aprons Thyroid Collar 5in x 27in 0.5mm

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Thyroid Collar 5in x 27in 0.5mm Wolf's Thyroid Collar provides protection to the neck area. The collar is held in place by a Velcro closure. 0.5mm protection.*Note: please place the color number (from the color choices listed below) after the apron stock number when ordering.Rose Pink: 11, Purple: 12, Teal: 14, Powder Blue: 15, Medium Blue: 16, Burgundy: 18, Grey: 19, Royal Blue: 20, Navy Blue: 22, Beige: 23, Black: 25, Tye Dye: 30, Tropical: 31, Hawaiian: 32, Camouflage: 33, Dog Paw: 34, Red: 35, Hunter Green: 36