Zoll Medical AED 3

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Color touchscreen, LCD display, Real CPR help, CPR Uni-padz (adult and pediatric)

With the latest innovative technology, the AED 3 will help you perform high quality CPR, thus increasing chances of survival.  The AED 3 is designed to empower responders with real-time support and ensure your AED is always ready for use.

Product Features:

*Newly enhanced Real CPR Help gives live feedback on the quality of compressions being given during CPR-Measures Rate and Depth

*Prompts provided by text and audio

*Touch Screen Display gives responder easy to follow guidance

*Visual CPR depth gauge

*5 Year CPR Uni-padz can be used for both adult and pediatric events

*Reduce pauses with 8 second pre-shock analysis

*WIFI connectivity allows device to automatically communicate device readiness and provides quick access to post event data

*Integrated Pediatric Rescue - Quickly convert to a pediatric rescue with the press of a button

*IP55 rating (resistance to dust and water) makes this rugged AED versatile and durable

*Smart Battery has a 5-year life and can report it's power status

*Fully-automatic option available

*Estensive automatic self-tests: Can be configured

*Data downloads, software updates and device configuration easily done with USB port

*7-year warranty with online registration