Boyd Surgical Chair- No Knee Break - S2615

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Boyd Surgical Chair


Surgical Chair -No Knee Break Processing Time 8-12 WeeksStandard Features: Tapered Style Backrest, Two-Piece Seat with Independent Control of Toe Section, Cantilevered Style Lift Base with 14" of Vertical Travel, Snap-In/Snap-Out Upholstery, All-Steel Frame, Independent Powered Seat Tilt for Trendelenburg Positioning, Flat Table Positioning, Quad-Function Foot Control, Low-Voltage DC Motors, Duplex Outlet, Automatic "Return to Home" Plus Three (3) Programmable Settings, BOYD's "On Track" and/or Compensating Arm options, Dual Articulating Headrest, Emergency Power Lock-Out Switch, Power Interrupt Switch, Foot Protector, Body Restraint Strap