Cardiac Science G3 AED Adult Pads

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Benefits of Cardiac Science® AED Replacement Pads

  • Compatible with all Cardiac Science G3 AEDs
  • Uncomplicated offers the Powerheart replacement pads for Cardiac Science AEDs. Model 9131-001 is made for use with the Cardiac Science ® PowerHeart® G3, PowerHeart G3 Pro®, FirstSave® Series and Survivallink® Series. This feature reduces the hassle of having to identify specific replacement electrode pads for your Cardiac Science AED defibrillator.

Cardiac Science pads are adult pads to be used on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) patients over 8 years of age and over 55 pounds. Because these are pads to be used for adults, it’s important to keep a set of pediatric pads next to every AED defibrillator in the case that a child has an SCA medical emergency. SCA can happen to any person- child or adult. You can find Cardiac Science pediatric pads Here.

It is highly suggested to always have a spare set of replacement AED pads next to every Cardiac Science AED in the case that multiple persons need resuscitation or the electrode pad loses adhesion due to extensive moisture during an SCA. replacement pads for Cardiac Science AEDs expire after 2 years. In the case that they are used they need to be immediately replaced.


Cardiac Science AED replacement pads are non-polarized. This means that they can be placed in either location- the upper right or lower left side of the patient’s chest. This feature is to help non-medical responders during an SCA. It minimalizes the amount of steps a responder has to take in resuscitating a patient.