Refurbished Casmed Nightingale PPM3 with CO2

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Oral / Outpatient Surgery

Nightingale PPM3 - New Monitoring Solution for Oral / Outpatient Surgery

The Nightingale PPM3 patient monitor meets the needs of outpatient surgery clinics for reliable monitoring of physiological parameters in a clean, compact design. The bright, high-contrast display, together with the simple screen and menu layouts make the device quick to learn and easy to operate.


  • Masimo ISA CO2 Analyzer with Nomoline Adapter (low disposables cost)
  • 90 Day warranty


  • Fast, accurate, continuous monitoring of key physiological parameters
  • Monitors ECG, Respiration, CO2, SpO2, NIBP, and Temperature
  • Heart Rate (HR) measured from ECG, SpO2, or NIBP
  • ECG beat detect tones with variable pitch (based on SpO2)
  • Connectivity with major oral surgery EMR systems
  • Future safe — software upgradable via USB stick
  • Long life Lithium Ion Battery
  • Made and serviced in New England

Easy to use

  • Large, bright display with wide viewing angle
  • Simple menus and layout for easy operation
  • No CO2 water trap, no calibration

These monitors were taken out of a working clinic and fully functional.  They have been biomed tested, calibrated and certified.  They come with a 90 day warranty and all necessary cables and accessories.