Refurbished Mortara Surveyor S19 Patient Monitor with CO2

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Mortara Vital Signs Monitor
Patient Monitor, 19 inch Color, Touch Screen Interface, 3 lead ECG, Dual Temp, NIBP, Dual IBP, Surveyor SpO2, CO2 Modern bedside monitoring platform offering a simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface, plus exceptional visibility. Slender and streamlined monitor design provides convenience and ease in crowded patient rooms. Surveyor S19, with high-resolution 19" touchscreen display, offers a comprehensive solution for advanced monitoring needs. Utilizes Mortara's unique AM12 acquisition module with replaceable lead wires, and lead fail indicator for added convenience and efficiency. Surveyor S12 includes an integral thermal recorder. Surveyor S19 offers an external, thermal printing solution for added flexibility. Allows for easy integration to an existing hospital infrastructure using HL7 and 12-lead ECG output through Surveyor Central.


Comes with 90 day warranty and all new cables and connectors